The Real “Naked Truth”

New Post: The Real “Naked Truth”

Truth has fallen on hard times in recent decades. If there is one thing people in our culture want more than anything else it is to live in any way they choose – yet experience no adverse consequences for doing so. However, while we can choose to live in a way that ignores truth, we cannot choose to be free from the consequences of doing so.

I was reminded of this disconnect with regard to sex…

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Presbyterian Church (USA) & the Golden Calf

Presbyterian Church (USA) & the Golden Calf #PCUSA

Exodus chapter 32 is surely one of the saddest chapters in the Old Testament.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) & the Golden Calf

Adoration of the Golden Calf by Nicolas Poussin c. 1711

God has done a mighty work on behalf of His people Israel. He’s freed them from slavery in Egypt through a series of miraculous events. He’s led them through the Red Sea on dry land and destroyed the army of Pharaoh. He’s led them into the desert as a pillar of…

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Good For Thee But Not For Me

Good For Thee But Not For Me charter schools & hypocrisy |http://wp.me/p2zI4T-14p

You may have heard about New York mayor de Blasio’s crusade against the city’s charter schools. People are rightfully outraged at his willingness to sacrifice the education of some of New York’s poorest children to pay back supporters in the teacher unions. This, they say, is yet another example of liberal hypocrisy. The left talks about wanting to help children but when they have an opportunity…

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World Vision Jumps the Shark

It’s one of those things that caused me to do a double take. The headline was “World Vision: Why We’re Hiring Gay Christians in World Vision Jumps the SharkSame-Sex Marriages.” Had I stumbled on one of those news parody sites like The Onion? No, this was on Christianity Today and the headline was real. Heretofore Christian ministry World Vision was seriously making the case that the best way forward for their ministry is to…

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Socialism’s Dirty Little Secret

It is not self-sustaining.

As Margaret Thatcher said “the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Like cancer, socialism needs a host.

In a revealing article called “Cuba Could be Venezuela’s Biggest Loser” from NBC news, Silvana Ordonez says:

Without Venezuela and its oil and subsidies, “industrial production, trade, transport, agriculture, and the whole…

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The War on Humans

This is worth a half hour of your time. When we read horror stories about Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia or the…


Lazarus Come Out! (But keep it to yourself, you don’t have the only “story,” you know.)

Lazarus Come Out! (But keep it to yourself) |

Perhaps you’ve heard of Rosaria Champagne-Butterfield. She is, by her own admission, a former radical lesbian feminist professor lazaruswho became a follower of Christ through the love of a Presbyterian pastor and his wife and the grace of God. Her testimony is detailed in her book The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert.

Perhaps too, you’ve heard about her recent visit to Wheaton University. She was…

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Every Dream in the Bible

Is God communicating with me through a dream? |

Is God communicating with me through a dream?

Jacob’s Dream by José de Ribera

Jeffrey Kranz at OverviewBible.com has designed a helpful graphic compiling all the dreams in the Bible.

There are many reasons this is helpful and interesting but here’s what stuck out to me: In the entire sweep of biblical history covering hundreds of people and thousands of years, there are only 21 times God used dreams to communicate something. All but 6 of…

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Spring in Atlanta, 1958My grandfather working in his garden, spring, 1958.
Some time in late 1957 or early 1958 my father…View Post

Spring in Atlanta, 1958

My grandfather working in his garden, spring, 1958.

Some time in late 1957 or early 1958 my father…

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The Gospel of ConsumptionJeffrey Kaplan in an article from 2008 for Orion Magazine called “The Gospel of Consumption” makes…View Post

The Gospel of Consumption

Jeffrey Kaplan in an article from 2008 for Orion Magazine called “The Gospel of Consumption” makes…

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